description bulletFaster and easier mixing at the pour saves you time and money

description bullet Eliminates powered mixers saves space on your truck

description bulletPrecise water control for a perfect mix every time

description bulletPatented blade reduces muscle strain and fatigue

description bulletContractor tough – built to last

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Designed for Contractors


Rarely does a new tool come along that improves the quality of your work and saves time and money on labor cost.

The Lightning Pro Mixer does both!


Now you can apply water as you mix the concrete. No more dropping the shovel to pick up a hose, wasting time as you switch back and forth.

The Lightning Pro Mixer is designed to increase wetting all the material down to the bottom of the batch. Every batch is thoroughly mixed and wetted in half the time of a traditional method.

This sturdy new ergonomic tool combines controlled water delivery with a mixing head specifically designed for mixing concrete.

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As a contractor you know labor cost eat away at profits.
This tool pays for itself over and over! Try it for two weeks and if you don’t like it return it for a full refund.
But you won’t. This tool works for you!